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  • Green Glam SF 2018-San Francisco City Hall

    iGreen Media Group is calling all green businesses, sponsors and vendors, to participate at our events! From Zero Waste Initiative at the Fashion Exchange, Fashion Show and Speakers at Earth Day SF...to SFSFWI-Television Production with a great opportunity to expand the awareness reaching to close to 20,000 viewers! We are actively preparing to bring the best for sustainable fashion in Northern California! A Gala night at the Green Glam SF at City Hall. 2018 brings a great educational program to get informed, mingle and network. In addition, iGMG & SFSFWI are collaborating with Fashion Revolution and IconaWear [Upcycle DIY Fashion Workshop] to enhance the message of sustainability through fashion, labor safety & justice and the quality of life for workers in the industry. Contact us!

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    We are experienced in expanding, developing and marketing brands working to thrive in the green movement for the health of future generations and the preservation of the planet!

About iGMG

We, at iGreen Media Group, create content that makes a difference in peoples' lives. It is at our core to establish partnerships with clients that are visionaries and social entrepreneurs building a better world for everyone. We support the future of a green economy and help to promote the green awareness through different avenues. Our professional abilities are focused on delivering a wide range of innovative and strategic media campaigns to promote green businesses, natural products, and holistic services. iGreen Media Group created iGreenWoman Magazine and San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International to spread the awareness to women as they are at the core keeping their families healthy. Join us in the efforts to protect the future of people and Mother Earth!

iGreenWoman Magazine

iGreenWoman Magazine is based in San Francisco. The city is the hub for innovators and visionaries and, iGreen Media Group is not an exception. iGreenWoman was created to connect, inform and unify the conscious women of today who cares about their health and the well-being of the ones around them including the planet. Their mission is to inform and deliver trustworthy information about new, natural and healthy products available on the market.

San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International

We have created and develop a platform for sustainable artists to unite, create and collaborate as one community, expanding the awareness of healthy-fashion, chemical-free beauty, Eco-friendly apparel & products for people and environmental preservation.


iGreen is creating educational and interactive internships that deliver practical experiences for one's portfolio. Students are welcome to create their schedule and to contribute with their ideas to develop participation skills during their internship with iGreen Media Group.

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iGreen Media Group brings creativity, vision and execution to projects that cause positive impacts. From large conferences, corporate events, festivals, to fashion shows and television productions, iGreen Media Group has a wide range of expertise that will serve your company when creating or redesigning your brand. We take pride in promoting our clients! To learn more, connect with us!

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