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About iGMG

We, at iGreen Media Group, creates content that makes a difference in peoples' lives. It is at our core to establish partnerships with clients that are visionaries and social entrepreneurs building a better world for everyone. We support the green economy and help to promote the green awareness through different avenues. Our professional abilities are focused on delivering a wide range of innovative and strategic media campaigns to promote green businesses, natural products, and holistic services. We have created iGreenWoman Magazine and the San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International to spread the awareness to women as being at the core of keeping their families healthy. Join us in the efforts to protect the future of people and Mother Earth!

Competition has a new name; "COLLABORATION!"

iGreenWoman Magazine

iGreenWoman Magazine is based in San Francisco. The city is the hub for innovators and visionaries and, we are no exception. iGreenWoman was created to connect, inform and unify the conscious women of today who cares about their health and the well-being of the ones around them including the planet. Our mission is to inform and deliver trustworthy information about new, natural and healthy products available on the market. We empower the woman of today to take the necessary steps to reach out for a healthy living, environmental preservation and how can we support green business owners for a flourishing green economy. Fabulous People Care! Explore and contact us!

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We create fun, colorful and informational online magazines dedicated to express your own vision while promoting your products and services. We take the grass roots approach to reach all of your clients. A digital magazine and its link can reach thousands with just one click. Explore your options to create your very own eMagazine with iGreen Media Group. Contact us!


iGreen is creating educational and interactive internships that deliver practical experience for one's portfolio. Students are welcome to create their Telecommute-Schedule and to contribute with their ideas to their internship with iGreen Media Group.


iGreen Media Group has the opportunity for green business owners and those in the Holistic and Transformational field to advertise through iGreenWoman eMagazine. We are reaching women and others who are interested in being conscious and healthful consumers. We take pride in promoting our clients! To learn more, connect with us!