Event Production

C R E A T I N G   YOUR   E V E N T S  with IGMG!

Our Communities are the heart of all Economies!

iGreen Media Group knows is committed to the essential; to support local green businesses for a healthy green economy and living. Transparency and Consciousness in all business practices will help preserve a livable environment for all future generations on planet Earth.

We believe that, Women are at the source of their families’ health!
Women, we have the purchasing power!

Targeting the different communities, specially women, we get to educate the public in what is healthful and good for the planet.  Through marketing campaigns that speak to the quality and committed companies, we get the attention of consumers.

Our grass roots approach brings a great benefit to all business owners!  And we produce great events!

** We start by designing the blue print to promote your conference, event, community project, next product or just handling the branding of your business.  From small steps to the marathon of getting things going for your business, we have the experience to do it all.


Many of our approaches include: social & networking events, online webinars, video production & promotion, fashion shows, opening nights, email marketing and tracking and all marketing materials can be added to achieve professionalism and success!

What about creating…

… YOUR Very  Own Digital 

Magazine or Catalog?

We invite you to choose our company when it comes to create your blueprint for success!  We work for you and for the health of your customers! Your success is ours and we take pride in promoting your business and what you have to offer to others.

To partner with us or to receive more information about developing an approach that can work for you, please connect with us.

For a complimentary phone consultation, call:
Sandra Hanns  415-829-9360
Thank You!