Electric Vehicle Branding & Promotional Opportunity





Space for one Electric-Vehicle: City Hall Street Entrance
Create your ambiance and give your COMPANY a center stage outside City Hall.

Additional Benefits:

Event: Address the public
Play your Trailer [up to 90 minutes] Websites: Logo [SFSFWI.org, iGreenMediaGroup.com, GreenGlamWorld.com] Program Sheet: Logo & Company Name at the Green Glam SF Program
Social Media: Add your name to the Pre-Event Campaign
Add your name to the Post-Event Campaign
Promotional: Give Away Opportunity
Promo Area: Company Area, 10 x 20 inside North Light Court at City Hall. No Vehicle inside.

SFSFWI TV Production at KRON4
Sponsor Title on Credits with Logo
Trailer up to 60 seconds
Message to audience included after your trailer

LIVE Broadcasting at the Green Glam with:
Award Winning Makeup Artist, Tamiko Carrillo.

5 minutes interview and Reach 60 to 100 thousand viewers LIVE!
5 minutes interview with collaborators and reach 50,000+ viewers! LIVE!

Non-Exclusive : Collective Brands
Package starts at $3,000.00  [City Hall Entrance Display not available at this level.]




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