Electric Vehicle Promotional Opportunity




San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International 2019


SFSFWI scheduled Events :: Save the Dates!
4/20/19    Earth Day SF
4/23/19    Fashion Film Program, Green Film Festival & SFSFWI
4/25/19    FiDM: Beyond Green Washing: a closer look at Responsible Design
4/26/19    SFSFWI @ TESLA SHOWROOM: Art, Wine Tasting and Sustainability!
4/27/19    Sustainable Fashion Industry-West Coast Conference-Experts United!

Electric Vehicle Promotion Opportunity $3500.00
Non-Exclusive Participation 

  1.         Business Circle: Company Logo on HOME PAGE on SFSFWI’s Website
  2.         Company Logo on the big screen at the SFSFWI & Green Film Festival: Fashion Film Program
  3.         Social Media 2019:  4 time per month mentioned on SFSFWI accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  4.         Display of postcards AND business cards, at community table, 4 events:  Fashion Film Program, FiDM, TESLA and Experts United!
  5.         Company Logo included on the event poster placed at Entrance
  6.         Company Logo included on each of the 5 events’ digital posters for promotion
  7.         Company is mentioned and acknowledged at the beginning of each event
  8.         Company sends promotional material arriving by April 16th, 2019 [samples, swatches, accessories, garments, books, etc…]
  9.         Dedicated Space on Web Page Electric Vehicle with a hyperlink. Content provided by sponsor
  10.         SFSFWI Video Production by iGreen Media Group. A trailer will be made for SFSFWI:
    SFSFWI Video Credits, at the end of video, name AND logo of Sponsor will be added.
  11.         Company Logo added to large screen at the Green Film Festival & SFSFWI Fashion Film Program
  12.         1 Speaking Opportunity at Experts United!
  13.         Electric Vehicle receive photos of the events and random raw Video Footage
  14.          5 Tickets to SFSFWI @ TESLA
  15.          6 Tickets to Experts United!
  16.          10 Reserved Tickets to Fashion Film ProgramWe thank you for your partnership and contribution to supporting the global movement of sustainable fashion and our efforts to make it possible.
    Contributions like yours make our work exciting while working towards a healthful future for everyone on Earth!


    Thank you!




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