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In 2021, iGreen Media Group has two important productions supporting the sustainable movement: San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International, and the Experts United Sustainable Industries Virtual Summit, both, promoting businesses that care for the environment, believe in just labor and use/reuse natural resources creating products that are healthy for all people and the planet. Using the power of media, we have created platforms offering a place for sustainable leaders to unite their voices and reach the consumers, all individuals, to join and support the green economy for a thriving future for all

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Experts United Sustainable Industries
Virtual & Television Series

NEXT BROADCAST: November 6th, 2021 @ 9:30 AM PST

Join Sandra and her amazing guests for the next broadcast of Experts United Sustainable Industries Virtual and Television Series on KOFY TV 20 CABLE 713

Oceans, Land, Atmosphere, Agriculture, Water, Technology

In 2020, the 2nd Experts United Sustainable Industries Conference covered the sustainable fashion industry. The global and live virtual event put us on the map as pioneers streaming a LIVE-Global-Conference at the beginning of the pandemic.  The second Experts United Conference brought experts from different parts of the world to a conversation to inform, propel and activate communities for sustainability in the industry of fashion and clean beauty. Support the movement!
[Experts United Sustainable Industries 2020]

Interested in taking part and joining the community? We welcome your experience!

For Speaking Opportunities in the Experts United Sustainable Industries send a request to Promotions@iGreenMediaGroup.com

iGreen Media Group is the creator and producer of San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International. [SFSFWI] In 2021, iGreen Media Group produced the 8th SFSFWI highlighting those in the sustainable apparel industry and Clean Beauty industry.

A four-day virtual and global event hosted 65 Speakers, 23 Countries from 5 parts of the World. Following these dates, our intention is to inform and educate the public worldwide through the videos and link people to the professionals.

SFSFWI 2020 produced 4 television shows surpassing the number of audiences from previous years. [SFSFWI.org]

iGreen Woman Magazine was created and produced by iGreen Media Group with the vision of uniting the health-conscious women of today.
The e-Magazine brings you the latest trends and inspirational stories of amazing people working in the green movement.

Find your digital iGreenWoman e-Magazine with informative articles and valuable information that will make a difference in all people’s lives transforming the health of our communities and the planet. Women living a sustainable life excel in their beauty, wisdom, courage, and leadership!

iGreenWoman is everyones’ magazine! [iGreen Woman Magazine]

Green Glam World – An environmental celebration event bringing all sustainable industries, global leaders, integrative health speakers, transformational leaders, conscious citizens, and all communities with the commitment to environmental preservation and the health of future generations. 

We are now inviting those who are interested in having the Green Glam event in your city.
Expand the green economy, and celebrate the conscious commitment by highlight sustainability in your city and communities.

Create Green Glam World with us in your part of the world.   [www.GreenGlamWorld.com]

It is important to work together! Since 2018, Sandra Hanns and iGMG have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals in her message and Public Speaking, joining the United Nations initiative to leave no one behind in a world that provides for everyone.