About Us

iGreen Media Group is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency promoting a circular economy, committing its professional services for sustainable businesses to thrive reaching new customers through mainstream media, broadcasting television, digital marketing, and virtual events globally and locally.

Join us expanding the message and let us create and produce content for your brand that makes a difference in people’s lives and the planet; a collective mission protecting Earth for future generations.

Let us rewrite your story and enhance your branding inspiring clients to appreciate your company. We offer excellence in our business relationships and extraordinary customer satisfaction.
Let’s start by connecting and for you to learn more about how you can too become engaged with new audiences through our platforms & Divisions.

iGreen Media Group is the parent company that has spun dedicated Divisions that drive impact informing the consumers and the growth of sustainable industries and brands worldwide.

Sandra C. Hanns

Founder, and Producer, iGreen Media Group

Sandra Hanns is an International Public Speaker, Executive Producer, Moderator & Conference organizer. Sandra’s passion is to unify communities that are interested in forwarding society for Peace, Sustainability and Leadership for a thriving circular green economy on the planet.

As the iGreen Media Group founder, Sandra Hanns fulfills her inspirational mission and commitment to create and contribute to a safe and better future for humankind. By promoting the “green movement” through media, Ms. Hanns had taken one industry at a time.

Sandra is taking on the expansion of digital events this year by connecting & creating partnerships that will support & promote sustainable businesses that care for the environment, believe in just labor, and the conscious use of our natural resources producing products that are healthy for all people and the planet.

Sustainability is at the core of her work, vision, and commitment. She aims to elevate consciousness about the importance and impacts of moving ethical practices forward through information, educational campaigns and civic leadership and citizenship thereby developing messages for circular solutions.

She is focused on initiatives that encourage citizens and institutions to adopt sustainable consumption patterns for a better future – for us all.
Ms. Hanns’ work and resilience lays on the love for children, the preservation of the planet for the health of future generations.