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Your OWN Digital Magazine!

iGreen Media Group offers eMagazines to MARKET your business!

Now, you have the opportunity to create your own Digital Magazine!

Your eMagazine is a very effective tool for social marketing, promotions, exposure, eCommerce and all of the benefits that the technology offers.

Chose 10 pages minimum or go beyond 50+ pages of colorful content depending on your vision and needs.  Our team of professionals, in less than three weeks, will deliver your business digital brand.


Online publishing continues rising in popularity serving a new purpose; interaction, video viewing and promotion, connection with social media and so much more.
Personalize your message, look professional and create your own magazine. Invite your clients to advertise with you and create income too.

An initial call with one of our account managers will assess and develop your vision delivering your unique style.

Connect today!

Direct  415-829-9360