Welcome to the Experts United Sustainable Industries Virtual & Television series 2021

As a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency since 2011, iGreen Media Group expands its broadcast production to a TV Show dedicated to environmental conversations bringing to the public the Climate Crisis’ urgencies and solutions taking actions as a global conscious community. 

We invite business owners, NGOs, and those working for environmental preservation and the health of future generations to join us in our television programs to spread the message, engaging and inspiring others to look ahead today.

It is time that the media switches direction for a common good. Consumers have the purchasing power to choose the products they buy. Corporations become powerful because of consumers buying from them. Let’s demand. They will listen. 

We, at iGreen Media Group, have an interest in supporting the green movement for a green and circular economy. That means, that all products that consumers choose are supporting a thriving future for all. It is urgent that we inform communities of the shift in our kind of economy. A circular and green economy to keep Earth as we know it. 

We speak to you as a partner in building and empowering all individuals to become awake to the Conventional-Media influence on all people and start looking for the items that are not toxic, polluted, or genetically altered. 

iGreen Media Group has highlighted local and global communities and looks for the welfare of all people over profits.

Environmental Conversations, Impacts, and Actions for:

Fresh Water for the world
Clean Air to Breath
Environmental Justice

Safety & Labor Justice
Equality & Racial Justice.
Health & Happy Living.

We invite you to be featured on our TV screen. If you are one of those working to forward the green movement, the circular-green economy…a conscious business owner…

We are expanding our work to reach more people and engage together in environmental conversations that could be an inquiry or a question for many.

We will bring trustworthy information from those working in the different sustainable industries making a difference in the world for all of us.

We will be broadcasting to the entire San Francisco Bay Area and at the same time, we will add our television show to online digital platforms that support our work.

                                                         IT IS TIME TO HOLD A THRIVING FUTURE IN OUR HANDS! 

What does that mean for the future?

The trash is being eaten by marine life and has entered every level of the food chain, even ending up in the seafood on our plates.

Global warming is causing modifications in ocean structure and processes threatening coastal population centers and endangering countless species of marine animals that cannot cope with extreme temperatures.

Many pesticides and toxic chemicals used in farming and factories discharge sewage that ends up in the oceans, resulting in oxygen depletion that kills aquatic plants and animals.

Oil spills pollute the oceans while air pollution is responsible for almost one-third of the lethal contaminants that enter coastal waters disrupting the ecological balance.