Manya Nofal, Jewelry Designer


Art and Fashion have always been my biggest passion. I love doing art every day which makes me feel who I am.

It’s all about details. The most important factor in my design is the smallest detail. And, that’s what makes things unique and exceptional!

When I do ART, I start a conversation with my heArt, mind, and soul. When I finish a piece, I am overjoyed and feel like I’ve added more beats to my heArt.

Shiny crystals, tulles, colorful stones, crochet flowers, silk ribbons, hand-died wool, are a part of my family and adorn the details of my home. I see Art in everything around me.
Some people say Art is a hobby. For me, Art is beyond a hobby; it makes me whole.

In creating my collection I never expected to have an audience. My pieces were created as stories of my own life, intended for my personal satisfaction. Every piece is solely made by me and from my heArt.

Why I’m participating with SFSFWI

It fits the committed community I create for!
I always look for the most interesting, unexpected materials to start my new project, that means having a unique perspective on materials that may seem dull to the average eye.
My goal is to find creative ways of extending the life of an old but beautiful pair of earrings, or a golden crystallized brooch that can tell stories from the past, or a vintage designer trim, into something entirely new that can be worn and enjoyed in our modern life.

I am always contemplating on how to repurpose materials that are neglected but still possess beauty and great quality .

Materials used for my jewelry are sometimes unexpected and rare, and are created from reclaimed designers remnants of the highest quality. These designer materials are rescued for reuse to create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art