To: Selected Speakers, Experts United Sustainable Industries, Virtual Summit 2021

 I hope this message finds you safe & well!  We are excited to invite you to this year’s Global & Virtual Summit! 

We have selected leaders in the sustainable industries to officially join us as speakers in a global conference that will educate, inspire and awaken the audience at the 3rd Experts United Sustainable Industries, Virtual Summit, October 16, 2021.

In the commitment to support the green movement for a global green economy, Sandra Hanns the founder of iGreen Media Group and Divisions, [] continues inviting those leaders that are spearheading the work for a sustainable future through the different events since 2010. We believe that your voice will be impactful towards expanding awareness, and imparting knowledge among our audiences of communities, businesses, professionals and the consumers at large. We are looking to inform the public by expanding the information on pressing global challenges, and inspiring people’s role in becoming socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible individuals. 

This year, iGreen Media Group is hosting the 3rd Experts United Sustainable Industries Summit on October 16, 2021, inviting the international community of global sustainable experts from different sectors and industries who are working towards a sustainable, clean, healthy, and safe planet. The Summit aspires to evoke insightful discussions on the current challenges faced by your industry, bringing solutions, innovation, and partnership to propel towards a collaborative and thriving future for all.  

We look forward to the acceptance-reply to our invitation. Please confirm your participation by September 10th. We have a team of people who will create social media and website announcements. 


Best regards,
Reeshika Rai
Speakers Coordinator, Experts United Sustainable Industries

For Sandra Hanns, Founder & CEO, iGreen Media Group & Divisions

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